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Slot Machine Variations

There are plenty of slot machine types, besides just the amount of money that goes in and the gimmicky lights and graphics displayed by certain machines. In fact, there are major differences in how certain slot machines play. There are many slot machine variations – the most common slot machines are described in detail below.

Skill Stop Slot Machines

These slot machines attempt to add the element of skill to slot gaming. These machines have all the bells and whistles of other electronic machines (literally – there are sound effects like bells and whistles along with flashing lights and other effects) the main difference being that the player helps determine when each reel stops. Usually, the player attempts to stop a reel so that the reel gradually winds down and hopefully lands on the symbol they were after – in other words, there is no way to automatically or magically stop a reel right where the player wants it to stop. There is still an element of luck to this “skill game”. These machines are quite popular world-wide, especially in Asian markets.

Video Slot Machines

This type of slot machines can be considered the “latest” in slot machine design. The first of these machines appeared in 1985, and since then they have risen in popularity to the point where now most modern casinos run video slots UK more than any other. They usually have much more lines for betting compared to analog models and often include side games for betting or just for fun. Rather than physical “reels” with standard “symbols”, video slots depend on random number generators to determine where a reel stops and to determine what symbol should be displayed. This random number generator system is more reliable than old mechanical means, since it can be evaluated and audited by computer experts and mathematicians to ensure fair play. Continue reading “Slot Machine Variations”

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Online Gambling Psychology

People participate in online gambling in casinos on the Web for basically two reasons:  for fun and to win money. The casinos really don’t care why you are playing on their sites, as long as you continue to patronize their websites. The operators want you to have a good time and enjoy yourself, but there are about 10% of players who are not having a good time. These people are addicted to online gambling.

For those who engage in online gambling for fun, the casinos online represent a virtual  casino parlour where individuals can play their favourite casino games in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. With amazingly realistic gaming presentations, people can relax and play in online casinos where they can unwind from everyday stress, and feel better about themselves when they exit the casino.

Gambling Psychology from a Play for Pay Aspect

Of course, there is nothing wrong with participating in online gambling for money as long as you set budgetary parameters and do not exceed them. In this way, online gambling in casinos represents a high form of entertainment and amusement, and is an acceptable form of behaviour. Continue reading “Online Gambling Psychology”

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Is This The Quirkiest Game Of Bingo You’ve Ever Seen?

Bingo halls have been around for donkeys years with many people heading to their local hall with the hope of getting their mitts on some cash.

Bingo isn’t for everyone and has for a long time struggled to attract the younger audiences, but more recently pioneering companies have been making strides to create exciting bingo experiences to draw the younger demographic. We’ve seen this being done by bingo sites like Rocket Bingo (with unusual promotions and free games) and by land based companies. Bongos Bingo is one of the latter, it’s also revolutionary! Bongo offers a quirky take on bingo that involves club nights and a lot of loud music.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at Bongo’s Bingo and various other attempts to reinvigorate the game.

What Is Bongo’s Bingo?

If you’ve never heard of Bongo’s Bingo and you consider yourself a bingo fan, then we suggest you pay attention. The people behind Bongo’s Bingo have effectively created a roadshow, a club night event that travels the UK and other countries worldwide to provide a unique bingo experience. Tickets for these events sell out extremely quickly because of just how popular it is proving with younger people. The whole event involves regular bingo as well as a rave, with glow sticks and plenty of popular music thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “Is This The Quirkiest Game Of Bingo You’ve Ever Seen?”

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Free Bonuses in Bingo Make All the Difference!

We’ve talked about no deposit bingo in the past several times, but that’s because this is a form of entertainment that lets you move at your pace. In a world that demands that we follow everyone else’s rhythm and style, it’s nice to know that we have somewhere that doesn’t demand perfection. When we play online games for real cash, we get to be catered to and appreciated. If that’s not your idea of a great time, we aren’t sure what else would qualify.

free bonus bingo

If you’re not sure where to begin this journey, just start here: free bonus with no deposit required sites. They are designed to give you the best of both worlds: the free deposit structure that you’re used to, along with free bonuses that help you keep playing long after your original bankroll would have dried up. It’s great because you can bet a little more, and ultimately win a lot more than you bargained for. There are also giveaways on most sites that reward you just for deciding to become a customer and play.

Customer service is the name of the game here. You might wonder why a site would give away bonuses when they don’t technically have to. The site wants to make absolutely sure all of its customers are being well taken care of. If customers start becoming unhappy, then it stands to reason that they aren’t going to stick around very long. It’s up to you to make sure that you check out each site to the fullest. Under the no deposit framework, this is a pretty easy thing to do. But you don’t want to miss those free bonuses that help you stretch your bankroll a little bit more, when you do decide to start depositing money for “real” gameplay.

Placing light hearted bets that can lead to big money is thrilling, to say the very least. If you’re interested in getting started, check out the link above. Not only will you be able to try it out without risk, you could be in store for some cool free bonuses!

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No Deposit bingo: A regularly broken promise

Due to the incredibly high number of bingo websites licensed and available to UK players brands need to make themselves much more attractive in order to secure new customers.

One of the weapons in a brands customer acquisition arsenal is their sign up offers for new players. All brands offer players something a little special to entice them through the door and as customers generally become more savvy and prepared to shop around, sites are having to make their offerings extra special.

Amongst players looking for a new site, the most seductive combination of words can be, ‘no deposit bingo’. Players generally love this idea because if the site is true to its word, the player should be in with a chance of playing (and hopefully winning), some bingo and slots games for free. Clearly this could be an extremely profitable experience.

No Deposit bingo

Bingo brands tend to behave a little like sheep whereby when one brand makes a move, others tend to swiftly follow suit. This is exactly what has happened when it comes to new bingo sites offering no deposit bonuses. Take a look at these recent new no deposit bingo sites listed by Bingo Paradise, as you can see they are appearing on a very regular basis and generally offer a set amount of cash that players can use without having to make a deposit.

From a players point of view these offers are sometimes a little too good to be true. Often if a player wins they will be frustrated to discover that the money they have been awarded is actually ‘bonus money’ as opposed to ‘real money’. The implications of this are generally that the money cannot be withdrawn from the site, rendering it somewhat pointless.

Other frustrations can occur when players are only able to access certain games with the ‘free money’, restrictions are often set so players cannot buy into the major jackpot games, for example. Continue reading “No Deposit bingo: A regularly broken promise”

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Is Greyhound Betting An Overlooked Gambling Opportunity?

Are you thinking of only the horse races coming up? If so, you could be missing out on a huge gambling opportunity. Indeed, greyhound racing is one of the best opportunities out there and it works very similar to horse racing. However, the action is much faster because there are fewer greyhounds that will be running the track.

Greyhounds, like horses, go through a series of intense training courses. They are bred to be fast yet be able to go around the track a few times. Their bodies have to hold up to the intense pace set on the field. They are chasing a hare around the course, and the hound that reaches the finish line first is the winner.

This used to be a game that was only found at offline gambling centers and sports bookmakers. Now it’s something that you can put wagers on online. The online sportsbook is always there to give you the best information possible, including a list of upcoming races.

Greyhound Betting

Greyhound handicapping is just like horse handicapping. You want to look at the racing forms to see who the top greyhounds really are. Sometimes the favored hound to win isn’t the one that you want to bet on. Also, you need to look at the bloodline of every hound that you’re interested in. This is something that you might be something best saved for when you have plenty of time to do the research, but it really can pay off in spades.

This betting isn’t for everyone. In our opinion, you need to focus on handicapping a bit more with greyhounds than with horses. There are simply fewer hounds on the field to look at. Handicappers do like the hounds rather than the horses because you have fewer hounds to keep track of.

It’s up to you to decide how much money you’re going to put into this. The same type of betting structure in horse racing exists in greyhound racing. Make sure that you’re not just going with the crowd. It’s better to make educated guesses at which hound is going to win than to just bet from the gut.

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Overview: Finding a good Online Casino

A good online casino accepts players from most countries around the world and prides itself on having a top notch customer service and security for its players. What more should you look for in a good online casino? Read below to find out more…


There are seven very basic categories of online casino games: blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, keno, baccarat, and of course, the slots. But within each category there are literally dozens of games to choose from. For example, you can play European blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, multi-hand blackjack, Spanish 21 blackjack, and more than a dozen other blackjack games. Most great online casinos boasts over 50 video poker games alone! Overall, there should be over 400 online casino games available for you so that you can pick the game that fits your needs.

Mobile Casino Game

Mobile Casino Game

What makes a great online casino stand out from the rest is a fully functional mobile casino software for its games. If you’re looking to play casino games on mobile via Android, iPad, or iPhone, you need an online casinos that allows you to play for real money safely and securely on your mobile device.

Transactions and Security

Find a casino that is regulated under the governing bodies to protect players. The casino of your choice should boast one of the most secure transaction systems of any other online casinos. They should accept deposits in at least up to five different global currencies and there should be many methods of secure and reliable transactions, whether you’re making a deposit or cashing out your winnings. They need to accept credit cards, debit cards, Paypal (or any other popular ewallets such as Neteller or Skrill) and direct bank transfers.


A good casino offers competitive promotions for new players. Most good casinos will match 100% of your initial deposit to essentially double your bankroll. Some online casinos go a step further by matching your second deposit as well. You should also receive other bonuses the longer you play on the same casino, like loyalty bonuses. There should be free spins on the offer as well from time to time. A good online casinos will go through all the trouble to keep their players happy.

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De-stress with online bingo

At first glance it might not seem like a great advice telling someone to play bingo online to ease an aching head, especially with all the flashing designs, sounds and chats and yet… the complete escapism it offers might be just the thing they need. These days, one of the biggest contributors to poor health is stress, and more people are finding that an hour a day of something as relaxing and distracting as a game of online bingo can do wonders for their stress levels.

Think about it – this well known game has been played around the globe for years, there’s no doubting its popularity. Not only is it a highly social game that’s full of challenges and chance, but it also represents an opportunity for many to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the exhilaration of waiting for the numbers to roll in, never mind the entertainment value which is a calling card all on its own. Reports over the years have supported the fact that playing a game of bingo can significantly enhance the mental and emotional wellbeing of a player.

online bingo

Not only that, but a game of online bingo, or even one in a bingo hall, is a superb way to exercise your brain. There’s a reason why it’s been synonymous with older crowds for so long … because it helps to keep the mind buzzing and sharp, especially when there’s a big jackpot on the line! The results of the mental workout and concentration can well be the thing you need to cure a menacing headache after a stressful day at the office.

Whether you’re into the vibe of a bingo hall or you’d like to try the social and entertaining aspects of online bingo, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go today – when you decide to play bingo online, you may as well leave all your cares at the door. Don´t know where to play this great game? You should definitely try out online bingo – you won´t regret it!

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Are you new to the online bingo world?

Are you a fresh face to the world of online bingo? If yes, then get ready to join the most popular global phenomenon that is soaring in popularity with each passing day. Those days are gone when bingo was considered a game for the elderly. Today people of both sexes and varied age groups indulge in online bingo.

Online bingo sites offer varied range of games which includes both bingo and casino games. And the best part of it all is you can play at your own comfort. In fact in sites like New Look Bingo you can even play games on your mobile devices. So whether you are commuting or sitting idle, all it takes is just a few clicks to get hands on the massive cash prizes which ranges from few hundreds to thousands of pounds. And that’s not all. Sites like New Look Bingo offers bonuses wherein there is no deposit required when a player signs up. Most of the online bingo sites have welcome offers wherein they award new players with bonuses, free spins etc. It’s nice to get something extra on very little or no deposit at all. Isn’t it?

online bingo

Most bingo sites you have come across will be aesthetically pleasing. The state-of-the-art graphics, themes and designs are one of the factors that drive players to the bingo sites.

Typically most bingo sites have the classic 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms. There are more variations to it though which includes: 30-ball, 50-ball, 80-ball etc. Though the rules of each of the variation vary slightly, the game however remains more or less the same.

Another very interesting aspect of online bingo is the chat rooms and the community. If you are looking out for socializing, there’s nothing like online bingo. Everyday you get to meet hundreds and thousands of like-minded people. Players also get to partake in the chat games and accumulate more points, bonuses etc in the process.

So if you are a newbie, we suggest you to join New Look Bingo today- one of the best bingo sites around. Cream of the crop indeed!

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Get Ready for the Belmont Stakes!

Are you really into horse racing now? Then you can’t miss the Belmont Stakes. It’s one of the top horse racing events around the world, and plenty of eyes will be at the track. There’s a lot to risk at this track, and it means that you’re going to have to keep watching to see the odds, get the best data so that you can handicap properly…yes, this is pretty intense stuff.

Indeed, this is a really high stakes event, with a lot of prize money at stake. It’s also a very long race — 1.5 miles to be exact. That’s an enormous length for a horse to travel, and it’s been known to break horses before. That’s why the Belmont is considered a true test of champions. There’s just no other way to say it. If you really want to play high stakes horse racing, this is the race to do it.

Did you know that the Belmont Stakes are always held after June 5th, but before June 11th? That doesn’t give one much wiggle room, does it?

Every horse is going to perform a little differently at the game than another horse. What you have to do is make sure that you’re balancing the difference between speed, stamina, and the ability to go longer distances.

Are you going to be watching the Belmont Stakes take place? Some people are already saying that they’re not going to watch it because there’s no Triple Crown winner. The truth is that the Belmont Stake is exciting enough.

It’s coming to the screen on June 8th, and it will be the race to see. It’ll also be the race to bet on. People are already beginning their own handicapping systems, trying to figure out which contender has the ability to take it all. This isn’t something that’s always easy, especially when it comes to big races.

The Preakness is over, but some are still feeling good about the outcome. It was a great day for Oxbow, his trainer, and his jockey. However, that has to be set aside for the Belmont coming up.

If you’re trying to figure out who is a contender, you might want to go for fresh horse that seems to be in good shape. Maybe not the top finisher, but a horse that can really put in a lot of distance.

Happy handicapping!