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Game’s Theory

Everybody has different thoughts/ideas on how the game is played. How they are so unlucky, and how every single time their A-A gets beaten by 2-2…

To beat the game you must understand the game.

You must understand that online poker will not allow you to win every game. Every player has a cycle and you must understand that cycle to understand the game. This is just a concept I have, once I grasped it, I felt I was a better player and my R.O.I. percentage improved immensely as I was doing the right things in games every time.

You see the cycle consist of a GOOD run (where your A-A holds to 2-2), a BAD run (where your A-A loses to 2-2, 7-2, 9-3 whatever) and your AVERAGE run, where if you do the right things your hands will hold, if you put it in with the worst of it you’ll lose. Many people don’t understand you can’t win ‘em all. And if they are coming out of their bad run after getting bad beats galore, they take that frustration into their GOOD or AVERAGE runs and thus they don’t do the right things so they are overall losing players.

poker theory

My point is this, if you react only to the different players / table / games and not the bad beats, and you make the right plays again and again with confidence. You will be a winner. Your focus and attitude has to be the same throughout the cycle. You can fold A-J under the gun in one game, but you raise with it in the same situation in another? It all comes down to attitude and focus.

Understanding TILT is no good. TILT is brought on by bad beats. I’ve just explained why bad beats happen so get rid of it. Most of the time it’s bad players you lose to not bad beats. But you must ALWAYS want them bad players at your table, cause if you just keep getting your chips in good, then over your cycle (which could be 30-50 games) you will be in profit. The quicker you can play through your cycle the more profit you will have.

That’s why you get these crazy people playing 20 games at once, they are like robots just doing the same thing on every table again and again, and they make a lot of money. They don’t go on tilt, they understand they can’t win ‘em all, so they just fight back against the variance with sheer volume and it works.

To beat the cycle/variance/tilt, you must use good bankroll management, if you are playing games your bankroll can’t take 5-6 bad beats in, then you are going to be broke. And each beat hurts worse when you’re playing with desperation. So play the game with confidence, good attitude and understanding of the game itself.

Hope any of this made any sense and helps in any way.

See you at the tables.