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Is This The Quirkiest Game Of Bingo You’ve Ever Seen?

Bingo halls have been around for donkeys years with many people heading to their local hall with the hope of getting their mitts on some cash.

Bingo isn’t for everyone and has for a long time struggled to attract the younger audiences, but more recently pioneering companies have been making strides to create exciting bingo experiences to draw the younger demographic. We’ve seen this being done by bingo sites like Rocket Bingo (with unusual promotions and free games) and by land based companies. Bongos Bingo is one of the latter, it’s also revolutionary! Bongo offers a quirky take on bingo that involves club nights and a lot of loud music.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at Bongo’s Bingo and various other attempts to reinvigorate the game.

What Is Bongo’s Bingo?

If you’ve never heard of Bongo’s Bingo and you consider yourself a bingo fan, then we suggest you pay attention. The people behind Bongo’s Bingo have effectively created a roadshow, a club night event that travels the UK and other countries worldwide to provide a unique bingo experience. Tickets for these events sell out extremely quickly because of just how popular it is proving with younger people. The whole event involves regular bingo as well as a rave, with glow sticks and plenty of popular music thrown in for good measure.

What Can Players Win?

Bingo fans can get their hands on cash sums of up to £600 as well as plenty of exciting prizes and fun things to take home, including alcohol and soft toys – a winning combination! It’s clear that this event is one that people look forward to and it really is a brand new take on the traditional bingo that has been played in the UK for years. Make sure to check out when Bongo’s Bingo is coming to your city next if you want to get a slice of this action.

Are There Any Other Quirky Bingo Events?

Of course, Bongo’s Bingo may be one of the most popular events, but it’s not the only fresh take on bingo. You’ll find that in The Clapham North pub there has been a Boozy Bingo brunch with bottomless prosecco and some great prizes. Another great take on bingo fun is The Big Bingo Show which takes place in The Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London every Monday night. This involves a full cabaret show, a lot of sing-alongs and some surprise guests. If these aren’t enough for you then why not check out the Bogan Bingo comedy game-show which takes place every Thursday at The Slug & Lettuce in Fulham? You’ll find two hilarious bingo callers and plenty of prizes.

Is This The Future Of Bingo?

Although many people are going online to play bingo these days, it’s clear that quirky bingo events such as Bongo’s Bingo are really becoming popular. People want bingo to be fun and they are not so keen on the traditional bingo hall form of the game. The younger generations buying tickets for Bongo’s Bingo want to have an exciting night out and Bongo’s Bingo are able to provide that for them!