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Nine Things To Consider When Looking For High Quality Poker Sites

If you are looking for high quality poker sites, these are the factors you will have to take into consideration before deciding to deposit your money and play:

1. Server location. Because of the way gaming limitations work in the US. Every server must be installed outside the US borders. Many quality sites are established in Costa Rica.

2. Approval badges. Handed by establishments that provide safe auditing and/or transactions like the Price Waterhouse Coopers. It does not imply that the site is outstanding, but it does tell you that a reputable third party has checked into its software.

3. Activity level. A great way to check the top sites in raw quantity of players is to visit the PokerPulse. Be cautious of some sites that fall quiet after a period of inactivity.

4. 3rd party involvement in fund transaction. If a poker web site uses 3rd parties for its fund dealings (like, NETeller or WU), that site need to be in conformity with the 3rd party’s rules.

5. Complimentary plays. All high quality sites grant you complimentary chips if you wish to try the web site for virtually nothing.

6. Intuition. Quality also signifies how the web site feels to you. Although you’ve the most relied poker web site on the Earth and all your buddies dig it twice, if something actually bugs you when you play in that site, you need to go someplace else.

7. Software bugs. You cannot find a piece of complex software package on the planet that does not have glitches in it, but if you discover something conspicuous during complimentary plays (for example, the poker client software makes your PC to stop dead and freeze), keep searching until you see something better.

8. Connectivity issues. If you keep getting kicked out from a web site, the site may be undergoing connectivity troubles. You need to make sure you are not having ISP troubles by surfing around a few non-related sites. If you are still connected to the cyberspace but you are not getting poker plays from the site, the poker host can be causing the trouble.

9. Clone sites. If you come across a web site that appears and behaves perfectly identical to other poker site, you may have just discovered a site that bought its software package from another. Dig around a bit to check who the imitator is. A web site that licenses software system has far worse ability to fix glitches or apply brand-new features since it does not have any computer programmer working on staff. Besides, a web site that licenses software package often has fewer funds to use for advertising and marketing. A web site with its own software package not only provides fresh features at faster rate, but it also has a bigger opportunity of sticking around in business a couple of years from now.