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Online operators in call for EU-wide online gaming laws

Online casinos and other gaming operators are urging the European Commission to bring in legislation on EU online gambling covering all member states of the EU, and to take action promptly.

Managers and operators of 14 online gambling groups have a composed a message about some individual European nations which do not accept laws adopted by the European community as a whole.

The letter says that it is now “time for deeds and not words”.

The European Gaming and Betting Association conference in Belgium last month is thought to have been one of the triggers. During the event, Belgian authorities detained co-CEO of online gambling company Norbert Teufelberger for perceived breaches of local gambling law.

Teufelberger was not held for long, but the 14 directors are keen to prevent further detentions of gambling executives, claiming that overarching EU law needs to be enforced but is legally complicated by individual national laws.

Belgium is not the only nation the gambling directors have in their sights. Greece has also been criticised for allegedly infringing EU gambling rules. The monopoly which gaming firm OPAP has over licensing rights for Greek web-based gaming is deemed not to be lawful.

However, for its part the European Commission has said it was not proposing EU-wide laws to regulate gaming online, saying it prefers to encourage a co-operative approach to the issues which the nations have in common. But it added that legislation could be a future option if cooperation is not effective.

The Commission has also said that income from online casinos and the like was predicted to be €13bn next year, representing an increase of approaching a fifth. In recent years in particular, the market has been driven by the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices.

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