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Why Swap Hold’em for 3 Card Poker?

Texas Hold’em poker may be all the rage and everyone can see it is a game that’s hard to beat. With its mix of luck and skill and all the options available to play your hand a million different ways, it is clearly a King among poker games. However, have you ever thought about the other poker games available? There are games like Omaha, Let it Ride, Pai Gow, Seven Card Stud, Draw poker and hundreds of other variants. But what about casino table game poker – the kind where you play against the dealer?

Casino poker, whether it is three card poker – hugely popular right now in the UK – or Caribbean stud poker can be a great way to have a break from your regular poker night whether at a casino, a card club or at home. Instead of focusing on the other players that have annoyed you, all your attention can go towards the dealer.


But before you start getting angry at the cards he is pulling – remember he can only play as the rule book dictates, that is, he cannot make any decision himself. This means that there is no one to blame. You can therefore focus on the cards and, of course, the fun rather than someone else’s method of play. This creates a more relaxed game of poker – a game where fun and entertainment counts.

Playing your poker at an online casino is a great way to try out these different styles of poker without committing yourself to a whole evening of a game you could find out that you don’t enjoy. All online casinos offer Three Card poker as a matter of course. You can also find other classics such as Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow and even Video poker.

As the name suggests, Three Card Poker plays with three cards for the player and three cards for the dealer. The game itself consists of two mini games – the ante bet and the pair plus. To play the game, you must either put money on your ante, your pair plus, or both – depending on the mini-game selection you are playing. Ante plays against the dealer, whereas pair plus only pays out if your hand consists of a pair or better.

If you like the look of your cards, place the same as your ante bet on the play box – and we’re off. If you beat the dealer’s hand you automatically get paid the play box and the ante. Then the pair plus pays whatever the odds are for your hand, irrespective of the dealer’s hand.

The dealer only qualifies if he gets a Queen or better and you always get paid on your play and ante boxes if the dealer doesn’t qualify. One thing to remember about Three Card poker is that a straight beats a flush – a weird discovery if you are used to playing regular five card poker or have come straight from the Hold’em tables. This is simply because it is easier to make a flush than a straight with only three cards.

So, give Three Card poker a shot – with the fun and carefree attitude at the casino poker tables and none of the aggravation of the other players to contend with – you might just be glad you did!