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Poker, Science, Skill or Art

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Is Online Gambling, playing poker online or online casino an art, a skill or a science? Actually it is all three.

Playing in online casinos and winning poker online is much like playing and winning poker in the real world. It is an art and a skill that takes a lifetime to master. Nobody, not even the best poker players in the world, can know everything about poker.

The secret is that the good poker or casino players learn from their mistakes; they carefully analyze every game and the hand they play. They then apply the lessons that they learn to their next hand, that’s how they’re able to stay several moves ahead of their opponents.

You should do the same thing every time you play poker whether online or at a live game. Stop and think about your game and how you played. What did you do you right and what did you wrong? Why did I place the bets that I did? Why did I fold, and why did I call? Think about what the other players did, do they have a tell that you can spot?

The best way to improve your online poker skills is to play a lot of it. If you can’t afford money games, play the mock games at online poker sites or get yourself a poker game for your computer. Then, try and play everyday or at least a few times a week. One suggestion is to regularly play low money games to test your skill. Even top players like Phil Hellmuth do this to sharpen their skills.

Varying your play is another way to test and sharpen your skills. Don’t just play Texas Hold Em, regularly try other games like Razz, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, and Omaha Hi Low. A great thing about being online is that all of these games are available. Try them even if you want to concentrate on Texas Hold Em.

Visit a few different online poker sites until you find one that you like. Then start visiting it on a regular basis.

One thing to remember here is: don’t play if you’re feeling sick or tired. If you don’t feel your best, you won’t play well and you’ll lose. So don’t play for hours on end instead of sleeping at night. Additionally, don’t play if you’ve got the flu or a cold and get some rest occasionally.

When you do play online, take an occasional break; get up, go out and take a walk or exercise. Watch some TV or do some reading then return to your play, this way, you can get refreshed.

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Your Best Bet

There seems to be a total misconception as to what a gambler is. If one takes a drink, does it make them an alcoholic? No, so if one places a bet in a live casino does it make them a gambler, no, not in the true sense of the word.  A real gambler is someone who gambles on a regular occurrence. You enter the lottery each week, does this mean that you are addicted, no not really; this just means that you are extremely hopeful!!

But there are those people that see gambling as more than just light entertainment or a means of winning easy cash.  These people have bigger dreams and are looking to establish themselves in the gambling industry in one form or another.

Now, to undertake this in the United States, there is an awful lot of knowledge that will be required and this is because the laws differ from state to state. There are many different policies that must be adhered with or you will feel the steely glaze of the law looking down upon you. The one thing about authority is that they do not take kindly to anyone breaching laws that are made in reference to gambling; this has echoes of the shady past in which the organized crime faction of the country were made famous for.  But once you are armed with the basic knowledge, you should be forearmed to deal with these situations!

If you are looking into any business venture, a key factor you must take into account is the vicinity of the business.  You need to know that there is a need for the business and that there is an economy that can sustain what you are looking for.  It takes time and research but without doubt if you overlook this then you are already in peril.

Then of course you need to define the area of your business, okay it is a gambling business, but which one?  There are many to choose from and each has its own benefits, but each has their own pitfalls as well so consider carefully.

The easy money is the Casino route.  But the easy money only starts rolling in when you have spent a great deal of cash.  This is best thought of if you are ties with others, spread the cost and spread the benefits.

Then there are lotteries, this is a simple way to make money.  Lots of people play the lottery because it is cheap, there is a big prize and it is easy to understand.  However, there is a lot of competition and there are many lotteries being run today, you need a thorough research program before considering this.

There are other types of gambling businesses to consider, the like of bingo, race track wagering sweepstakes and even sporting pools.  Each has a market that is ready to be tapped, if you organize everything correctly, you  have the chance of success, however. it is a gamble!!

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The different kinds of poker bluffing

Poker is definitely a game of odds, but bluffing can help to give you an increase in your chances if you do it right. For example, say that there are two aces out on the table, and it is just you and one other person left. If one of you had an ace in the hole, then it would be your game. Odds are the same for both you and your opponent, so obviously, you are both wondering if the other has the ace. Making your opponent think you have the ace by acting confident and also by strengthening the act with strong bets may make them believe that you do and you may bluff them into folding.

There are different types of bluffing though, and there are certain situations for all of them. The example above is called bluffing. When you bluff, you try to make the other players believe that you have a better hand then you do.

The next type of bluff that you should know is the semi-bluff. When you semi-bluff, it means that you are working on a hand that may be good, but that you are playing like you already have it. For example, there are two spades on the table, and two in your hand. There is good chance that you will get another spade on the final card, but you may bluff anyway. If you don’t get it, then perhaps your opponents will think that you already have something great. If you do get it, then you just have a strong hand to back it up!

Another type of bluffing is called slow playing. When you slow play, you actually get a fantastic hand coming out of the gate, but you lay low so that people are not scared off. This way, more people will stay in, and in theory, there will be more money in the pot at the end of the game.

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What does luck have to do with poker?

A lot of people associate poker with luck. In other words, the luckier you are, the more money you will end up winning. This is something that is not true, at all! Luck tends to even itself out over time, and to demonstrate this, you can use a set of percentile dice and perform a small experiment.

First of all, roll the percentile dice once (dice that read 0 to 99)and write down the number. Then, give the dice to someone else, and have them roll once. One of you will roll higher, but does this mean that this person is luckier? Lets see. The next part of the experiment is for each of you to roll the dice 20 times, and write down all of the numbers you get. Now, average those numbers by adding them all together and dividing the number you get by the number of times you rolled the dice. While one of you will definitely average higher, it will probably only be by a few numbers. What you will also realize is that you will both be VERY close to 50. One of you might average 54, and the other one might average 45. Either way, that is pretty close to the middle, which is 50. Now, perform the same experiment, but each of you roll 50 times. You will probably notice that you are both even closer to 50 than you were the first time! Continue reading “What does luck have to do with poker?”

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Why do people play poker?

You may enjoy the occasional social game of Texas Hold’em, or you may visit the Casino once a month with a considerable bankroll with an all-or-nothing attitude that has sometimes made you and broke you, depending on what your luck was. Well, these are two extremes. There are a lot of people who play poker on many different levels, and these people play poker for many different reasons. But what are these reasons? Why would someone actually play a game like poker? Well, there are a few reasons, and here are some of the most popular reasons as to why people do it.

First of all, some people play poker for the social outlet of it. Many friends have been made over low-stakes poker tables where they played for fun, not really being concerned about the money. This is probably one of the most common reasons for people playing poker. Continue reading “Why do people play poker?”

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Worst Poker habits and how to break them

Ok, here are some of the most common, most destructive habits that poker players can have, and how to cure yourself of them if you have them.

#1. One of the worst traits that a player can have is to blame everyone but themselves when they lose. Not only is this annoying, but it will keep them from learning about the game. It is always that someone is cheating, that the game is rigged, or that their luck is just “too bad”.

To counter this terrible habit, try writing about your poker games in a blog. Writing about your poker games will help you to analyze them, and when you do, you will probably notice that there are a lot of holes in your game that you could improve on.

#2. Another popularly destructive poker habit is the habit to gamble wildly. If you have ever gone all in, pre-flop, with two tens in the hole, then you may have the “wild gambling” syndrome. You need to take your time, use strategy, calculate odds, and act decisively when it is time. Playing successful poker is not gambling, it is manipulating your odds with common sense to give you more chance at winning! Continue reading “Worst Poker habits and how to break them”

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Things NOT to do at the casino

The casino is a fun place, but there is definitely a sort of etiquette to follow. And if you do not follow it, you could end up embarrassed, looking like an idiot, or even worse – on the bad side of the employees. There may be a lot of colorful characters in Vegas, but you don’t have to be one of them!

Rule #1. Never wink at the dealer, especially if he is the same gender as you!
Ok, this one is a pretty big no-brainer. Leave the dealer alone, his job is hard enough as it is.

Rule #2. Do not call for a ball measurement if you lose a roulette spin, or two, or three…
Seriously, be a gracious loser. You will slow everything down for everyone else if you do this, you will look like a geek, and even if you DO get the staff to comply, you will look like a total moron.

Rule #3. Staring at the blackjack dealer for five minutes straight will no “psyche him out”…
Seriously, were you carded? You might not be old enough to gamble.

Rule #4. Don’t ask the roulette guy if the French wheel was actually imported…
Ok, remember that “moron” part I was talking about earlier?

Rule #5.  Do not bring your Hoyle rulebook to the poker tables and pull it out when you sense that there is a discrepancy…
The dealers do this for a living – you are doing it for a weekend. You are going to look like a total dweeb and you may even get called this out loud, to your face by the other players if you actually do this…

Above all be courteous, ask REAL questions if you have them, and have a good time! You can look like a goof if you want, just don’t take it to the extreme.

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Best Casino for online Gamers

When searching for the best payout online casino, you will find that most of the top online casinos pay back 97 or 98 percent of their revenue as winnings. Online gamers are urged to look for these numbers and for reliable verification of percentages. You’re invited to check out the Winner gambling site to see what this casino can do.

But there is another school of thought on this subject. The best payout is not necessarily the goal for people who seek a favorite online casino. Some go to the Web with the idea of having a little fun and enjoying some recreation. But most players pay attention to the most crucial factor in online play – payout percentage. Visit to see the challenges and excitement offered!

A payout percentage is the amount of money that a casino takes in that is returned to the players who win. Suppose a casino shows that it pays out at a 98 percent rate. This means only $2 of every hundred that comes in stays with the company or Web site. The rest ($98 out of every $100) is paid back as winnings.

Players should not confuse these percentage numbers with a casino fastest payouts claim, however. One has to do with how quickly the money is back in the player’s hands, while percentages show how much of total revenue all players get back as winnings. For example, most sites will show a cash-out time of one to five days, though most will probably be able to complete the transactions in a couple of days. A handful of casinos will promise cash-out times of 48 hours. Most experienced observers of online gaming feel that a casino should pay back 96 percent as a minimum.

Visit the Winner gambling site to see why they say, “Our name is and we live up to that name.”

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Pros and Cons of Gambling

Gambling is the game that would help you to earn huge profit in short duration of time. It is considered to be one of the oldest trends. It would aid you to get the desired fruits as soon as possible. But at the same time you should get ready to take the high risk. It is a game that can declare you bankrupt and it would spoil your relationship with your loved ones.

One can become addictive to gambling. If you want to gamble then you need to get ready to take high risk. Winning and losing in gambling would depend on the luck and the chance. If your luck is in your favor then you would be able to get the desired fruits. If it is not in your favor then you would end up losses instead of profit. It would also depend on the mentality of the individual. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Gambling”

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Paper Checks and Electronic Checks (ACH) as Money Transfer Options for Online Poker

The postal service is the most archaic and primitive way you can move your cash. Get a money order or a cashier’s check and post it through the manual postal service to the virtual poker room of your choice. Live mail is also a slower method due to the ordinary postal and check clearing bureaucracy (it is not the slowest because the Pony Express is no longer usable as a postal delivery technique). Virtual casinos are growing tired of this method due to the real-world processing complexities, and this option may soon join the ponies off into the fading sunset. Continue reading “Paper Checks and Electronic Checks (ACH) as Money Transfer Options for Online Poker”