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Paper Checks and Electronic Checks (ACH) as Money Transfer Options for Online Poker

The postal service is the most archaic and primitive way you can move your cash. Get a money order or a cashier’s check and post it through the manual postal service to the virtual poker room of your choice. Live mail is also a slower method due to the ordinary postal and check clearing bureaucracy (it is not the slowest because the Pony Express is no longer usable as a postal delivery technique). Virtual casinos are growing tired of this method due to the real-world processing complexities, and this option may soon join the ponies off into the fading sunset.

A lot of sites accept ACH (bank-lingo for electronic checks). You provide complete checking account information with a business firm that holds your cash to play online games, provide the necessary information on the online poker site where you want to play the game, and “write” the ACH. Essentially what that means is you deposit a certain amount of cash with the virtual poker site cashier, which then sends it to the business firm holding your cash, where you are asked to confirm the password, verify the dollar amount you want to send, and provide a blank check serial number. Then, your check goes through, and you are sent back to the poker site to start play the online poker games.

ACH transactions are generally very fast, but they may charge a small fee (usually one dollar). Every banks support ACH transactions. You need to give every ACH a number, it is just like the number you see on the upper right-hand corner of a paper checks. Be sure that you do not write in a specific number that you may use from the paper checks. Pick a certain number far beyond the current check series or use the very next number found in your checkbook and then shred the actual check. Do not forget to register your transaction in the checkbook. If you do use that number again, your bank refuses the second check, and you need to pay all the hefty charges needed for a quick visit to the Rubber Check Land.