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Poker Tournament Strategy

There is one obvious reason why so many people have chosen to play texas hold em online….they can win thousands of dollars!  In fact, some players have even become millionaires just by playing online poker tournaments so it’s no wonder why poker has become so popular.

Unfortunately, for every millionaire made through poker, there are hundreds of players who’ve lost thousands of dollars because they don’t take the time to learn tournament strategy.  Obviously it’s better to be the millionaire rather than the degenerate gambler who’s constantly hoping that his 6-7 unsuited hand magically turns into a straight so let’s look at some no limit texas holdem strategy.

The first thing you should do is be very selective with your starting hands in the beginning of a tournament when you are gambling online.  This means that you should only be playing premium hands in the early going of a texas holdem tournament because there are so many maniac players at this stage.  And these maniacs go all-in with any solid hand in hopes of doubling-up.

Even if you have the advantage over these players, it’s still not smart to constantly be risking your tournament life just to double-up in the beginning.  So stick to premium hands like A-A through J-J and possibly some good drawing hands like A-K and A-Q.  If you’re sitting in later position in a hand (the dealer spot and the two seats before it), you can open up your range of hands to include 10’s, 9’s, 8’s, A-J, A-10, K-Q, K-J, and Q-J.  However, don’t get too carried away with these hands.

As the casinos tournament progresses to the middle stages, you’ll need to open up your starting hand requirements and get more aggressive.  This means trying to steal pots and blinds against non-aggressive players while avoiding the temptation to limp into hands (calling the blinds just to see the flop).  The only way you should enter a hand is with a raise at this point.

When the tournament gets towards the money, you should be as aggressive as possible.  Now some players tighten up before the money in hopes that they’ll sneak into the cash.  However, you won’t earn much by simply making the money since the amount is only a little more than your buy-in.  On top of this, the end of a tournament is the best time to take advantage of non-aggressive players who are hoping to sneak into the money.

There are lots more tips you should know to become an excellent tournament player, but these basics should help you be fairly successful.