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Worst Poker habits and how to break them

Ok, here are some of the most common, most destructive habits that poker players can have, and how to cure yourself of them if you have them.

#1. One of the worst traits that a player can have is to blame everyone but themselves when they lose. Not only is this annoying, but it will keep them from learning about the game. It is always that someone is cheating, that the game is rigged, or that their luck is just “too bad”.

To counter this terrible habit, try writing about your poker games in a blog. Writing about your poker games will help you to analyze them, and when you do, you will probably notice that there are a lot of holes in your game that you could improve on.

#2. Another popularly destructive poker habit is the habit to gamble wildly. If you have ever gone all in, pre-flop, with two tens in the hole, then you may have the “wild gambling” syndrome. You need to take your time, use strategy, calculate odds, and act decisively when it is time. Playing successful poker is not gambling, it is manipulating your odds with common sense to give you more chance at winning!

If you have this problem, then here is the counter for it. Force yourself not to try to bluff. Don’t worry – you are not good at it anyway! Make yourself play only the hands that have a very good chance of winning, and play these to the end without doing any excessive betting. Once you have enough self control to fold the hands that are not winners, no matter how good they look, you are ready to get back into the game full force!

Remember,  poker is about common sense, and about strategizing.